Beyond the acting, what takes this Dennis production to the level of what you’d hope to see in the cities is the dancing. Choreographer Shea Sullivan doesn’t skimp on the moves required, the cast is outstanding and the sheer energy of the big group numbers is infectious.
Kathi Scrizzi Driscoll,
Shea’s choreography is a vibrant procession of struts, cakewalks, polkas, kicklines and a virtual catalog of Broadway production number steps executed with enthusiasm and precision much of the time. But you can tell she gloried in having Loehr as her alter ego. Loehr has a slightly loopy patina and Shea has given him several moves with his arms waving like a galumphing yet graceful whooping crane. He has a small nuclear power plant inside his body, so she never has him walk when he can scissor step, never step off a riser when he can leap into the air.
Florida Theater ONStage
Marvel at Shea Sullivan's inspired choreography…
Century Village Data Sink
Shea Sullivan’s choreography adds a high gloss, particularly in “Raining in My Heart,” a sendup featuring yellow slickers and transparent umbrellas. Throughout, precision tap and show-off somersaults create infectious joy.
The New York Times
Shea Sullivan's choreographic expertise is in full force in this opener and it signals to the audience that they're in for quite a night.
Palm Beach Illustrated
The dance numbers, choreographed by Shea Sullivan, were wonderful--from light and fun in "Tom, Dick, or Harry" to sexy and sizzling in "Too Darn Hot". Although cool at the playhouse, "Too Darn Hot" was like something out of "Chicago" and had the men in the audience tugging at the collars of their polos and the ladies fanning themselves with their playbills. Kudos to the dancing suitors and twirling lasses.
Cape Cod Today
Shea Sullivan creates one blissful collage of dance cliches after another.
The Boston Globe
Shea Sullivan's toe tapping choreography erupts like a volcano...‘Crazy for You’ will be the show to beat for next season. With possible Carbonell Awards for Best Musical, Direction, [and] Choreography…
The Examiner
Shea Sullivan’s ebullient choreography is the crowning touch on a perfect production.
South Florida Gay News
But if there’s another star of the show, it’s the work by twice Carbonell-winning choreographer Shea Sullivan (The Music Man and Crazy For You) and associate Dennis O’Bannion for expertly encompassing virtually every vaudevillian step and trope. From the pounding tap dancing in the opening number to the chorines seated minstrel-style with intricately kicking legs and tambourine hats, it’s both original work and a faithful homage.
Florida Theater On Stage
..while choreographer Shea Sullivan gets kudos for the impressive moves in the dance-driven play.
Cape Cod Chronicle
Ditto for the whole ensemble, whipped to a jazzy frenzy by choreographer Shea Sullivan. "Too Darn Hot" -- will leave you gasping.
The bright song and dance numbers are fueled by Shea Sullivan's inspired choreography.
Wicked Local
Add Shea Sullivan's brash choreography to the production's strengths, and you have a fun, rewarding festival entry.
Curtain Up
Shea Sullivan delivers some of the most thrilling work – from tapping on table tops to swirling in tandem – seen in South Florida in years, and there’s been some damn strong choreography the last couple of seasons…what [Loehr] and Sullivan create together combines the rubber-limbed moves of Ray Bolger, the sweeping grace of Fred Astaire, the tendon-defying tap dancing of Gregory Hines and the unrestrained bliss of Gene Kelly.
South Florida Theatre Review
Shea Sullivan is an extension of me and my work. I feel now as though I can “pass the torch” to Shea. The way I see her future, she will be a major contributor to the world of dance and musical theater. Her future is bright. She makes me very proud.
Henry LeTang
The Maltz Jupiter Theatre,which has had considerable success with large-scale musicals, keeps its string alive, thanks primarily to crafty choreographer Shea Sullivan and star-in-the-making leading man, Matt Loehr.
Palm Beach Arts Paper
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